The Great Australians Gala Dinner

The Cross of Valour recipients were honoured to be chosen as a Great Australian for this years Great Australians Gala Dinner. The Cross of Valour recipients who were inducted on the evening were Mr Darrell Tree CV, Mr Allan Sparkes CV,VA, Sergeant Tim Britten CV and Mr Richard Joyes CV. Also honoured and inducted were our Association Vice Patron, Mr Ray Martin AM and our Association Secretariat, Mr Clive Johnson OAM, Cross of Valour portrait artist, Mr George Petrou, Victoria Cross recipient Mr Keith Payne VC,AM and Australia's only living George Cross recipient, Mr Michael Pratt GC. 

Held on the 15th of October in Melbourne, the dinner's aim was to raise proceeds and awareness for Growing Hope, a charity providing support to those left behind by the tragedy of suicide.   It was an exceptional night and a great honour and recognition for all of those from the Cross of Valour Association, their partners and our family and friends who attended.